Glowing Pickle Demo

Talking with UW Women in Science & Engineering.

The WiSE program recruits and supports women of all ethnic backgrounds in science and engineering (S&E) and fosters a healthy academic and social environment for men and women in engineering at all levels of study.

I spoke with a group of summer WiSE students who were entering their freshman year at the University of Washington. I spoke with them about electrical engineering curriculum as well as opportunities for internships, jobs, and research during and after their degree. We then explored the Glowing Pickle demo and discussed the interesting physics that occurs when you electrify a pickle.

Speaking with the students. UW Campus Seattle, WA.
The Glowing Pickle demo. UW Campus Seattle, WA.
Discussing the science behind why the pickle glows (and why it smells so bad afterwards). UW Campus Seattle, WA. (Photo credit: Y. Flores)
Postdoctoral Researcher

My research focuses on developing smaller, lighter, and lower power sensing systems for exploring extreme environments.