Postdoctoral Researcher


Welcome to my website. I'm currently a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow with the Laboratory for Soft Bioelectronic Interfaces (LSBI) at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) Campus Biotech in Geneva, Switzerland.

I completed my Ph.D. as a National Science Graduate Research Fellow in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at the University of Washington (UW).

My research focuses on the development of wireless brain-computer interfaces, exploring how architectural innovation in embedded systems can reduce the size, weight, and power consumption of wireless systems and enable new methods for monitoring and treating neurological disorders.

To achieve these ends, I investigate novel applications of electromagnetic theory, ultra-low power wireless embedded systems, and electronic instrumentation for extreme environments.

Outside of research, I'm passionate about teaching, outreach, and mentoring. At UW, I had the opportunity to work as the instructor of record for EE417-Wireless Communications in 2020 and 2021 and as a teaching assistant over six academic quarters. I also co-host a scicomm podcast, The Paperboys, with fellow UW grad student Charlie Kelly. Each episode, we read and discuss the research papers behind headline science news.

For more details, check out my CV, Publications, Projects, and a few Hobbies.

Selected Projects

Digitally-Tuned Capacitors for Backscatter Communication

Using digitally-tuned capacitors to create inductor-free backscatter modulators


A wireless backscatter brain-computer interface for electrophysiology experiments


An Interactive & Biosensitive Poetry Composition Device


An EEG-based musical instrument for clinical therapy and performance art

NASA: Radiation Dosimetry Experiment (RaD-X)

A high-altitude balloon mission to measure biologically harmful radiation entering the atmosphere

Selected Talks

A Dual-Band Shared-Hardware Backscatter Uplink for Wireless Brain-Computer Interfaces

Conference presentation about dual-band shared-hardware backscatter uplink for wireless neural recorders

A 25 Mbps, 12.4 pJ/bit Backscatter Data Uplink for the NeuroDisc BCI

Research poster about a high-rate, energy efficient wireless uplink for neural recording

A 158 pJ/bit 1.0 Mbps Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Compatible Backscatter Communication System for Wireless Sensing

Conference presentation about the first fully-digital Bluetooth Low Energy backscatter uplink for wireless sensing systems

A 6.25 Mbps, 12.4 pJ/bit DQPSK Backscatter Wireless Uplink for the NeuroDisc Brain-Computer Interface

Conference presentation about the NeuroDisc's initial 6.25 Mbps DQPSK backscatter uplink

A Silicon Micro Dosimeter for High-Altitude Measurements of Cosmic Radiation

Conference presentation about a radiation sensor in the RaD-X payload.


Experience Teaching and TAing

Courses and roles

Student Reviews

Compilation of student responses from course evaluations.

National Science Foundation's Research Experience for Teachers

Collaborating with a local high school teacher on research thanks to NSF's RET Program

Glowing Pickle Demo

UW Women in Science & Engineering Outreach


High school students United with NASA to Create Hardware


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Climbing the E. Ridge of Ingalls Peak- September 2020

Climbed most the East Ridge of Ingalls Peak before bailing due to snow and ice.

Sinbad - September 2020

During grad school, my brother and I built a Super Sinbad RC glider.

Pakistan - January 2020

Visited Pakistan with a friend from undergrad and students from UVA's business school.

Skiing Mt. Saint Helens - March 2020

Skied Mt. Saint Helens.

Skiing to Heliotrope Ridge - February 2020

Skiing the road up to the Heliotrope Ridge Trailhead at Mt.Baker.


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