Student Reviews

Compilation of student responses from course evaluations.

Provided below are a few highlights from course evaluations that I've received as an instructor and TA. PDF copies of the evaluation reports are available upon request.

James answered every single question we asked with patience.

James was incredibly helpful and thoughtful and contributed well to help me through the labs by being patient and understanding. He presented problems in ways that allowed me to developed and work to find the answers on my own.

James especially worked really hard to encourage students to ask questions. He was patient and always tried to find explanations that worked for the particular student. If he didn't know an answer, he would actually try to find it himself. I always felt very comfortable coming to James for help on the labs or homework.

James did a great job giving real world examples to explain concepts. He found out that I liked aerospace applications and went an extra mile to provide examples that related to space which was awesome!

James is very patient and friendly, making his contributions in lab section effective and fun.

James devoted a lot of time to helping students and always helped me out when I needed him.

Thank you James! I had a great quarter with you, awesome TA :D

James is the best TA i’ve ever seen

James was very helpful and also very patient with helping us code. Debugging is super tenuous but James helped a lot with easing my mind

James was very accessible and willing to help. Clearly knows his stuff.

James was the best TA I have ever had. He was helping everybody all the time. Every student knew they could go to him for help. He was always willing to help and would stay in the labs for hours on end at times. There was a specific time when he stayed until midnight helping students. He…would sometimes stay over their assigned office hour times and interfere with their own personal responsibilities just to help us out.

He was available to help even at 10 at night

James knows his content for the class , and with one peek he can find the problems for my labs.

More TAs like James Rosenthal.

More James

James was able to teach us a extremely useful writing and presentation skills

James is really helpful and cares student's performance. Thank you, James!

James did a really good job of reinforcing what we learned in lectures in his quiz sections.

James is a great communicator that gets his points across well. He understands students’ questions and answers them in-depth and to the bests of his ability. I wish he could have taught the whole course.

Thank you for being a fantastic TA

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