Climbing the E. Ridge of Ingalls Peak- September 2020

Climbed most the East Ridge of Ingalls Peak before bailing due to snow and ice.

Sinbad - September 2020

During grad school, my brother and I built a Super Sinbad RC glider.

Pakistan - January 2020

Visited Pakistan with a friend from undergrad and students from UVA's business school.

Skiing Mt. Saint Helens - March 2020

Skied Mt. Saint Helens.

Skiing to Heliotrope Ridge - February 2020

Skiing the road up to the Heliotrope Ridge Trailhead at Mt.Baker.

Gliding - January 2020

Gliding with the Evergreen Soaring Club in Arlington, WA.

Shi Shi Beach Through Hike - September 2019

Hiked from Ozette Lake to Shi Shi beach along the Olympic Peninsula.

Climbing the W. Ridge of Prusik Peak- September 2018

Climbed the West Ridge of Prusik Peak car-to-car with a former co-worker/current friend.

Ruth Mountain - June 2018

Hiked Ruth Mountain on a nice summer day before all the snow had melted.